There’s nothing like a “test drive” to help you discern if a particular congregation is the right spiritual home for you. So, we encourage you to visit for worship a few times to get a feel for the variety we offer, since our services are different from week to week. While you’re here, introduce yourself to one of the pastors, and join folks in the Fellowship Hall for coffee and refreshments between services. If you have kids, let them try out our Sunday School; you can sample an adult forum or Bible study at the same time. Feel free to volunteer for a service project, or even go on a mission trip.

We hope you'll feel welcome no matter what activities you try. If you also discover that ECLC is the community in which you’d like to live out your values, grapple with life’s challenges, nurture your faith, and help others, then explore church membership in ECLC 101. This brief orientation covers the basics of our Lutheran foundation, being part of ECLC, and how we are in mission together. These classes are typically offered two or three times each year.

“com·mu·ni·ty (kə-myü-nə-tē) noun: a group of eclectic individuals who join together to explore faith, share celebrations, help others, promote justice, nurture families, and spread love.