Bright Stars of Bethlehem

Bright Stars of Bethlehem is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes peace and justice in Palestine through Dar al-Kalima University of Arts & Culture and its initiatives for youth, families, and older adults, as well as public advocacy for basic human rights.

Bright Stars of Bethlehem initiatives include:

Vision.  For the people of Palestine to have life in abundance.

Mission.  To raise awareness and support to educate the next generation of creative leaders in Palestine.

Bright Stars, founded in 2004, accomplishes its mission by supporting the health, educational, cultural, and spiritual development of people in Palestine. Through advocates and donors in the U.S. and elsewhere, Bright Stars helps and empowers college students, children and youth, young families, and seniors.


  • The Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, Bright Stars co-founder and President, Dar al-Kalima University of Arts and Culture
  • Kris Ducett Wagner, Executive Director




Phone: (815) 315-0682

Mail:  P.O. Box 771055, Chicago, IL  60677-1055

How to engage with and support Bright Stars of Bethlehem.

  • Advocacy.  Alerts will provide background on developments that should be addressed in messages to elected officials, including the Minnesota congressional delegation, the White House, the State Department, and other offices.  Such alerts in the past have been related to aggressions and violence by the Israeli military including the detention and abuse of Palestinian children and youth, the destruction of Palestinian homes and public buildings (libraries, cultural centers, and others), and the continuing seizure of Palestinian territories.
  • Education.  Opportunities to learn more about the daily struggles of Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation, stories of hope and resilience, and policy efforts will be highlighted.  ECLC members are encouraged to share information and educational events (webinars, films, documentaries, books) with friends and family networks.
  • Travel.  Various Minnesota and regional churches and other organizations will be developing Holy Land trip itineraries, which will be posted here.  Travel is the best way to learn and experience life in the occupied Palestinian territories and meet these gracious and tenacious Palestinian people.
  • Events.  Special local events featuring Palestinian music, products (olive oil, spices, embroidery, olive wood carvings), gatherings at Palestinian-owned restaurants, and national and local Bright Stars fundraisers are excellent ways to meet other Minnesotans who share in the goal to support and advocate for our Palestinian siblings.
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